Summer hairstyle: the remedy to combat stress & heat


The elegance of your hair has a name: Mimì Colonna!

With the summer the hated arrives hot and consequently stress increases, sweats more easily (even at night) and staying in order becomes a titanic undertaking but ... IT IS NOT ALWAYS SO '.

In fact with the remedies “anti-stress & warm" of Mimì Colonna yours look will always be impeccable and yours hairstyle it will be the envy of those around you. No matter if you prefer a shorter cut, your femininity will not lose a beat in this sense the article on: <Short hair and hairstyle can co-exist?> will certainly be of interest to you.

If instead cut your hair it is not on top of your wishes then the Mimì Colonna hairdresser advises you two hairstyles in particular: la Braid & la ponytail.

- Braid:

Who prefers a look fresh, adolescent and neat can not do without this style of hairstyles. There Braid it is a distinctive element especially of culture Northern Europe (Scandinavia and Baltic countries).

As this one hairstyle it is simple to make, refined, sensual, it is the perfect demonstration of skill as each braid hairstyle (single, double or multiple sections) is suitable for all occasions: from an elegant evening to a fitness look.

- Ponytail:

Are you young, with long hair and do you love a fresh look, comfortable and simple to make (even by yourself)? Then the ponytail is for you. Suitable for all occasions, from a day at the gym to a gallant ride, the tail it is always synonymous with sensuality because, like it chigon and the collected, leaves the erogenous zones par excellence (ie neck and lobes).

From the movie stars to the girls next door, the "ponytail"Always represents a tidy look in harmony with the energy and freedom you demonstrate.


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