Adrienne Koleszar the policewoman too sexy to stay in service!


Adrienne Koleszar is a model, fitness influencer and German blogger with more than 600,000 fans on Instagram (link), everything normal would you think if it were not that it is Adrienne is considered the sexiest cop from all over Germany.

Indeed his main job it is not about traveling the world and publishing its trendy snapshots on social networks but it is the one of defend and protect the citizens of Dresden, a city where he serves as a metropolitan police officer.

Her photo on social media, often in poses winking they have attracted so many criticisms to the point of jeopardizing his career within the German police force.

Adrienne Koleszar has repeatedly pointed out that he would like to pursue his social passions and at the same time continue his work but the vertices of “Dresden Polizei"Were clear: either the modeling career or the police career.

Recently Adrienne stated in an interview that: "My superiors have no problem with the photos I publish on social networks, as long as they don't exceed the limit of decency ".

Evidently the vertices of the German police have changed their mind after the publication of the photos, perhaps a little too much over the lines, but they have made them grow Adrienne social media profiles exponentially.

And what do you think? Do you really believe that private life of Adrienne Koleszar can it affect his performance at work?


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