Secrets of Seduction - Special Valentine's Manicure!


There spring it is usually the season associated with awakening of the senses and to the explosion of energies in view of the time of year when we are most taken to attract attention it's at fall in love. The change affects everyone but in particular on women eager to flourish, attract attention and feel beautiful in the eyes of those around them.

The industry of beauty (hair & beauty), as well as the leading designers fashion house, work hard to be ready in this period e propose on the market a series of accessories, trends or icons that can influence consumption and set in motion the big joust of the industry of "fashion“.

The blog, together with stylist who collaborate with our brand, always look for anticipate styles and trends so you can best advise what will be IN is OUT and let your readers avoid them style falls.

In the special of Valentine's day today, however, we will not deal with outfit, hair fashion or makeup. Instead we will focus on thecaution on one of the tools of seduction from which men are more attracted, hands, and therefore on "manicure“.

The new 2018 spring / summer collection will be characterized by the indiscriminate use of all the nuances. However we feel to focus on trend which, in our opinion, will attract more attention: dark colors and shades.

It seems a contradiction to focus on the light / dark contrast in a period that generally sees thecolor explosion, but it will be the "dark theme"To excel at least in the field sexy manicure. One of the brands that most hit the new mood is undoubtedly the line of semi-permanent enamels "La Femme“.

The brand is strictly professional (abandon the idea of finding it in large centers such as Sephora or Douglas) with a palette of more than 60 shades. In particular the line "3in1 GEL"Is the most popular given its ease of application and drying speed, a real one MUST HAVE.

If you prefer "the duration effect"Then the semi-permanent line of enamels"Certified by Non Stop Color"Is the one that suits you best. Not only will make it shine your nails, but will protect them at the same time thanks to its <7-free certification>.

La Femme"In short, it is a brand that really has a myriad of arrows at its core, so we would like to recommend the line"Termic by Non Stop Color"If you wish to possess that touch of eccentricity typical of girls. In fact, thanks to the molecules that reflect light, thegradient effect anyone who looks at yours will be amazed hands.

The color of nuance will tend to change in a way "gradual", Based on the ambient temperature, for an effect WOW assured, especially if you choose shades like coral red or fuchsia to combine with your lip stick.

If then surprise at any cost is your only goal, then the line "Pill Off Gel"With its bright colors it is the perfect answer to one always fashionable style and attentive to current trends.

With this line it will be easy switch from one shade to another thanks to its ease of removal, which will allow you to change the color of yours manicure at any time based on the mood or outfit you have imagined for that day.

In short, in this Valentine's day we have given you so many ideas and advice on how to surprise your partner with it tool par excellence in your possession.

Online you can find the products "La Femme"On several"store"But we of Mimì Colonna we advise you to contact the country distributor directly Aleas Cosmetics (link).


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