#IoMiAmo Tour - Bari 5 December 2015


"I LOVE YOU TOUR" WITH ALICE PASTI by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


Finally our moment has arrived: "I love tour”Will stop in Bari and will be hosted by the salon of Mimi Colonna (Via Paolo Lembo 3) where his Staff and the gorgeous Model Curvy & Fashion Blogger Alice Pasti are waiting for you.

The idea of 'Curvy ' Alice (beautiful size 46) is the one to make people feel beautiful is valorizzatand all women regardless of their age or size. Alice could only choose the best beauty salon: Mimi Colonna (Google source) and after touring half of Italy and the 5 December will be in Bari.


Alice Curvy Model

Who wouldn't want to feel like a model for a day?


Under that shyness there is one woman eager to feel BEAUTIFUL, even more than usual, eager to be herself and to be pampered a little! This is why it is born #iomiamoTour, photographic days of women only, where each of them is made up, combed and photographed like a real model.


There are no canons to be respected, because all canor participate, any age, size and height!


For a day all the "normal girls"Will be transformed into models for a day with a custom make-up and look designed for each of us. There will be makeup artists, hairdressers and photographers only for you women, we will be at your complete disposal for questions and advice on how to treat your look.

Because besides this wonderful day, you'll also have 4 professional photos, to see you always beautiful in time! The purpose of this initiative (which we decided to collaborate without thinking more than 5 seconds) is to make us love more, but not by others ... but by ourselves to emphasize and highlight those that are our strengths!

For info and reservations contact exclusively: alicepastimodel@gmail.com


Or follow Alice on her Official Social Networks: Facebook & Instagram

Io Mi Amo Bari

Women begin to look more at yourself in the mirror and believe more in yourself!


Remember that the passing years, the extra wrinkles or a few extra pounds are and will be your hallmark and never forget to wear your best dress ... your smile, you will be more beautiful!





Good smile to all and see you in the salon on 5 December, greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).



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