The straw hat is the fashion accessory for this summer!


Every summer brings with it a fashion "must have“, From the extra large life buoys in the version Flamingo (Flamingo for us Italians) to style inflatables "Hippy Unicorn"Seen in all <pool party> of the stars up Instagram.

Also this summer we wait for the new catchphrase and, as an accessory not to be flaunted, we believe there will be a celebrity boom with the "straw hat“.

The "straw hat"Is the less famous, and chic, variant of"panama hat"(A true style icon), an essential beach accessory to protect us from the sun and at the same time create our own"area of intimacy"Away from prying eyes.

Seen in preview during the presentation of the "Spring Summer 2018 collection of Jacquemus”(In its extra large high fashion version) was brought to the fore by Bella Hadid who posted a picture dressed only with this straw hat on Instagram (link). A more moderate version, on the other hand, has seen the Canadian actress as its protagonist Emma Leth thatduring his marriage (link), has undoubtedly attracting the attention and hilarity of those present.

In short, whatever your intent we are sure that a accessory never pass unnoticed, giving yourself the typical "charm" of the "femme fatale"And fully reaching its mission, to be practical and tasteful, can't you find it?


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