Scars caused by acne? Here is the medical / aesthetic solution!


THE'acne it is a very common beauty problem in adolescence, and not only, with which we mean a chronic skin disease (benign evolution) characterized by a inflammatory process of the sebaceous gland that mainly affects areas such as: face and shoulders.

The main and most immediate reaction is the appearance of carbuncles which in the most serious situations can cause scars on the skin. The discomfort rather than the physical is psychological, in fact while the inflammation passes the emotion that can cause this imperfection can heavily modify our mood and our social relations.

The makeup it is certainly a functional aesthetic strategy to hide imperfections, divas of the caliber of Kylie & Kendall Jenner (link) based one marketing strategy precisely on this problem by promoting products "ad hoc”To be marketed with their cosmetic line.

However the simple "pimple"Sometimes it is not the only consequence of this skin disease, in fact in the most serious cases, the skin has skin depressions and real ones scar which is often necessary to treat with laser treatments is peeling with glycolic acid through several sessions.

In the last few years we have begun to treat the "disasters”Provoked by theacne with injections of hyaluronic acid combined with the application of a mix of enzymes of stem origin able to stimulate is regenerate the tissue affected by the treatment.

This kind of treatment is very much in vogue among the divas of Hollywood and slowly it is taking hold also in Italy. There aesthetic medicine, in fact, runs to the aid of patients with different solutions that can attenuate theinestetismo and the social problems it can cause.

The recommended sessions they are two or three, each to be repeated after a month. Also the Mimì Colonna hairdresser he is attentive to this problem, for this reason he has decided to activate a collaboration with the Dr. Francesco Figliuolo (Surgeon Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery).

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