#Coachellamaresidevefare - The festival that comes from the web


"Coachellamare": the most anticipated event (joke) of the web could soon be reality by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

Has it ever happened to you to shout <A wolf>? Here this is what has been happening for several days on web. From Facebook to Twitter passing by Instagram the hashtags are multiplying before our eyes #coachellamaresidevefare, a joke born of two Internet users from Bari Tommi Bonvino is Antonio Conte, and that is enjoying unexpected success.

The virtual guests are the expected guests.

(imaginary list that continues to update itself day after day)

From Checco Zalone to Romina and Albano, from Gianni Ciardo to Gio 'Sada, come on Radiodervish to the singer of via Sparano (as usual the suggestions of the web are always the most imaginative). Many, even more ... so many are the names of Pugliese comedians, singers and characters that are starting to circulate and many are self-nominating, so what seemed to be just one web prank could soon become the most anticipated regional event (and why not, National) of 2016.

califoggia valley

The creators of the joke (Tommi Bonvino and Antonio Conte) were contacted by Repubblica.it is Baritoday ed hanno ammesso che non si aspettavano un successo del genere, affermando che la cosa più imbarazzante è stato dover rispondere alle numerose band che si sono proposte che: <tutto è solo uno scherzo>.

I giovani baresi tuttavia non sono nuovi al mondo della musica e dei festival in quanto sono tra gli organizzatori del “Giovinazzo Rock Festival"So they could really fulfill the dream of thousands of fans.


Coachellamare Music and Art Festival seems to be really: an event to be organized!

The idea (the promoters tell) was to take the most famous festival in the world Choachella Valley Music and Art Festival, to which we have previously dedicated an article (link) in our blog, and take it to the smallest village in the province of Bari: Cellamare.

The joke, which the more time passes, the less it looks like, it is literally driving all of us Baresi crazy: the ghost event was created on Facebook (link) and should take place from 13 to 15 April 2016 precisely at Cellamare.

At the moment I am more than 5 thousand the Apulians interested and eager to participate in the event of the events (the participants are continually increasing) and many foreigners / tourists are willing to stay in our region to attend.

coachellamare festival

The question that is now on the web has become viral: "But will the event take place?"

THE comments on the page Facebook they are wasted (link), so much so that it reached the ears of the Pugliese Governor Michele Emiliano, who through a Tweet gave his availability (if there will be enough sponsors, appropriate logistics and appropriate security measures) to release all the necessary authorizations allowing what appears to be be the event of the year in Puglia for 2016 to turn into reality.

Emiliano risponde

The hashtag: #coachellamaresidevefare is really infecting all and many of the gods vip not yet inserted in the farlocca poster they have already become available for the event as Giuliano Sangiorgi, leader of the Negramaro, which has fully given its availability.

Giuliano Sangiorgi

We all of the Staff Mimì Colonna we are ready assupport the event not only with the dissemination and sharing on our platform (wepaymoney.net) but making us actively available to involve our partners as Sponsors and to provide our professionalism as Hairstylist of the event having already curated several events and lastly the Haircare Direction of Battiti Live 2015.

And you? How eager are you to participate?


Share the hashtag: #coachellamaresidevefare and make this wonderful dream possible, waiting for news (and confirmations) greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

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