Wrong hair color? Here are the mistakes to avoid and 5 tips on how to fix them!


Very often it happens that the color made by yourself or by the hairdresser does not satisfy you in full, what to do in these cases?

1) stay calm (very often the situation is not as tragic as you think);

2) avoid excessively aggressive dyes at close time intervals (you would just risk ruining your hair completely);

3) effettuare un lavoro di copertura/schiaritura con tonalizzanti o riflessanti (per raggiungere il risultato iniziale desiderato);

4) let the color discharge with a couple of washes to be able to work again later;

5) in caso non riuscite proprio ad accettarvi, effettuate un lavoro di ricostruzione del capello così da poterlo idratare e renderlo pronto per il prossimo colore.



But why wait for disaster? Prevention is better than cure!


Everything starts from the consultancy, so the more professional your hairdresser is and the more the final result you want will be to your liking, you must also keep in mind your starting color as if you have a "jet black" on your head and want to reach a "blonde Barbie", all in one "single session is impossible without damaging your skin and your hair.


Here are the classic mistakes to avoid:


1) Expect that the result coincides perfectly with the color indicated on the package or on the color chart (very often the photos you see are retouched on the PC or with artificial lights);

2) Always protect your skin before coloring to avoid redness and / or allergic reactions (the right shutter speeds are essential in these cases);

3) Utilizzare solo prodotti professionali prima e dopo il trattamento, un vecchio detto recita: “come spendi, mangi” (perciò shampoo per capelli colorati, maschere emollienti e fiale di cheratina non sono solo un modo per spillarvi soldi).



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