How to change hair color with bleaching - color proposals


Change the color of your hair with natural effect techniques.


Are you tired of always seeing yourself in the same way? Would you like to change the color of your hair? Take care of you! Very often an inner change manifests itself on the outside and the fastest way is to change cut and color, a way to not go unnoticed and mark a clear break with the past.

Other times, change is just a way to amaze those around us, make them aware that we are not so obvious and predictable. Anyone can turn into a cover diva if they rely on expert hands. Here are some tips and bleaching techniques with a natural effect, to get the most out of your hairstyle.

Heritage Illumina: Lightening technique with a natural effect practiced with a Velcro brush that allows the random but systematic processing of the individual locks, highlighting a brightness up to 70% more, the result is visible over the entire length of the hair regardless of exposure to artificial light or natural.

Shatush: Bleaching technique with natural effect only on length and tips, which leaves the base unchanged; thanks to the teasing of the single lock the coloring or lightening agents allow a final result with mild nuances.

Veils technique: Very thin layers are selected respecting the lines of the cut, it is recommended with shades of 2-3 lighter shades than the base, the effect can be complete or shaded only on lengths and ends, masking the zebra effect due to regrowth androgenetics of the hair.


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