Advice on how to dress and accessories to match


Tired of the usual common tips on how to dress and how to match your wardrobe and accessories?

Then it's time to rely on a personal shopper for proper image consulting.

Image consulting is an integrated service that aims to help the person know and enhance their strengths to build a winning image. Through the study of the morphological and the indispensable indications of the customers, the image consultant builds a path of valorisation and re-looking that allows to reach the right balance between your internal emotions and what the world perceives from your look.

The most frequent question is why choose a professional and rely on his advice?

Very simple because only an ad hoc study is able to: 1) make you feel more attractive 2) reinforce your security in relationships 3) make the moment of change a reality 4) don't go unnoticed and leave your mark 5) reach personal and professional goals that a right look facilitates.

The features of the face, the color of the hair, your skin type, your body structure and your moods have a profound effect on your image and consequently on your relationships and your choices of every day for this knowing how to control them and allows you to increase the quality of your life.

An example? Here are the tips of the Fashion Stylist Mariella Montanaro (link) for each body type:

A) the apple woman characterized by a round and plump face, sturdy neck and shoulders, large breasts, an indefinite waistline, narrow hips and slim and slender legs must avoid dressing with tight clothes trying to emphasize attention to the lower part of the body ;
B) the pear woman has a long, slender neck, narrow shoulders, small breasts, a slim waist, pronounced hips and buttocks must wear dark-colored trousers, trying to emphasize more the upper part of the body with v-neck tops or a neckline top square or round;
C) the hourglass woman has symmetrical shoulders and sides, thin waist, bust and proportioned legs must enhance the waist that is the most enviable part, therefore with corsets, tight and tight tops;
D) the rectangle woman, finally, is characterized by a slender figure with few shapes, shoulders of the same width as the hips, with an indefinite waist and long and slender legs must wear A-line skirts or trousers that fall straight on the legs looking for to enhance the waist with tailored jackets and tops. These are some of the advice that Image Consultant Mariella Montanaro can give you.


The rest will show it to you in your workshops or even with personalized advice.