Contouring hair - The color technique that enhances facial features!


The technique contouring is an "ad hoc" lighting of the face through games of Make-Up light and dark, so as to give the perception of greater / lesser depth to the face and then harmonize the strengths e mask gli inestetismi.

Utilizzatissima dalle star durante gli photo shoots (link) is no longer just one exclusive of celebrities but, thanks also to the many online video tutorials, of all the girls next door.

contouring makeup

The facehowever, it can be enhanced not only thanks to the right Make-Up, but also with the enhancement of one's hair through a cut captivating or a color scelto appositamente.

THE hairdressers more prepared are able, through the study of the physiognomy (link), of cfeeling color more appropriate so as to enhance the facial features.

countouring e fisionomia

The hair contouring provides for the use of different shades to donate depth in the right areas, making i facial features più definiti e armonici.

THE darker tones they are used to reduce or restrict the shape of the face, while the light tones lengthen the shape thanks to the reflection of the light. For example, a square / round face needs to look like slimmer to be stretched by darkening the locks that frame the face.

contouring scuro

On the contrary for reduce the volume in the upper part and thus extend the perception in the lower part, it is necessary give light. This situation is typical in cases of a triangle face where starting from roots dark hair is needed gradual light level from earphone height onwards.

counturing chiaro

Obviously not everything is based only on physiognomy and sui face volumes, we must keep in mind many other factors such as possible weak spots on the face and the shades of your own skin "With and without" tan, so as not to make the wrong choice and always have a harmonic effect.

contouring viso e capelli

And what do you think? What are the strengths which do you like to highlight?

Let us know, at the next blog article!


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