The bill at the restaurant? You pay with Instagram followers!


The Bill please"! How many of us are used to exclaim this sentence in a restaurant or bar before you leave? Practically everyone but in a while the custom could change. In fact, a chain of “was born in MilanSushi Bar" where is the bill you don't pay with meal vouchers, credit cards, cash or anything but ... with i followers on Instagram.

It is clear that all this is one publicity stunt to attract attention, but the idea could translate into more customers. Indeed from "This is not a sushi bar"Customers can to pay through a post published on the well-known social photography.

It is obvious that not everyone is allowed this payment method, in fact it is necessary prove to the house that you have more than 100,000 followers to get everything paid. You are not like that company? Don't worry for each step of followers it will be possible to have a free service the important thing is to have at least 1000 followers to participate and proceed with a photo on Instagram, tagging the chain of restaurants and adding thehashtag quite right (#thisisnotasushibar).

Enough with euros, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bancomat or credit card. From today the new currency of exchange will be the followers (link). Certainly this publicity stunt will attract many curious, especially the social influencer larger ones that a completely free sushi menu won't mind.

However this alternative method of "pay the bill"It will certainly attract so many ordinary people who will participate in this project driven by the desire to"to play"With friends flooding Instagram of photos and hashtags of “Sushi Bar"More social (at the moment) of Italy.


And what do you think of this publicity stunt?


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