Franchising parrucchieri Mimì Colonna – Formazione & Arredamento


Do you want to open a Franchise Hairdresser?

Then Mimì Colonna is the partner you are looking for!

Now you can enter ours franchise and join us in the sector of fashion. THEyour business will be based on care of the person and to the Welfare general passing by hair.


We will take care of everything!

From the restyle (which you will have to make) of the store to design a new business and up to the preparation and training of the staff Mimì Colonna ed i suoi partner, in primi il Gruppo Cipriani & Nancy (link), sono al tuo fianco passo dopo passo per fornirti tutto il supporto necessario e far si che il tuo salone in franchising sia da subito all’altezza del nostro marchio e garantisca in ogni sede la nostra qualità, professionalità e convenienza. Offrirai un servizio ancora più personalizzato alla tua clientela e ne acquisterai di nuova semplicemente investendo con noi.

NB are excluded masonry, electrical or water works which are the customer's responsibility and must comply with the territorially competent ASL legislation.


The crisis? Forget her!

A partner already known is an excellent business card. Mimì Colonna offers a service that is appreciated and envied by all. With us and with all our support you will be recognized as industry excellence e attirerete più clienti nella zona.

Far parte del “Mimì Colonna Group"Guarantees our training, our logistic / advertising support as well as the possibility of being actively present in all the events we take care of (fashion shows, fashion week, advertising services, backstage and seminars all over Italy) and that can help your business .


Z.One Concept

Contact Us!

You can do it through this link for e-mail or calling our head office at 080.556.33.13 and proposing your application; if the project / your figure is of interest to us and if we consider your area to be suitable and with development capacity, you can take advantage of all our facilities in the sector, our organizational / managerial support and free access to our reference channels to reduce expenses and increase your earnings.


We will respond to your request within 48 hours and turn the file to the distributor nearest you.



What are you waiting for? Invest with Mimì Colonna!

(open your Franchise with us)


An example of investment? With € 15,900 + VAT (payable up to 3 years, subject to financial approval) you will be able to guarantee the furnishing and design of a salon of around 60 square meters with included:

- the restyle / decor / design of your salon with 2 washing stations, 2 technical / stylistic seats, a warehouse department and information / waiting desk;

- yours training and that of your staff (up to a maximum of 2 collaborators) scheduled for the duration of the contract with 6 annual days directly c / o the Mimì Colonna Academy of Bari where you learn the presentation of the "fashion collections" of your interest and prepare yourself to be a perfect designer or personal colorist;

entry market (royality) included in case of purchase of furniture (the franchise agreement provides by law a minimum duration of 3 years and a maximum of 7, based on the contract signed the royality will be paid proportionately, the first year is always included);

- all ours canvas products exclusive to guarantee goods discounted by 35% up to 60% (exclusive Z.One Concept products in the salon based on the signed contract);

- the presence of products "Z.One Concept Professional"For you (fourth Italian producer and present in 44 countries in the world);

- the serigraphy of all the tools for your business (where possible);

- the possibility of being present based on the needs / needs of all of us fashion events (fashion shows, photo shoots and backstage);

- the presence of a member of the artistic committee by Mimì Colonna (on agreed dates) for 2 days a year within the franchising point as supervision;

- the advertising through our channels (web, newspapers, TV, radio and platform


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