Hair detox, the treatment that rejuvenates skin & hair


How many times have you read an article about benefits of detoxifying drinksthe? Moreover purifying our body, eliminating waste, not only speeds up our own metabolism but the answer of ours is increasing immune system.

Fruit and vegetable juices are probably the remedies "detox” più conosciuti così come gli integratori alimentari, con estratti organici, i quali nutrono per davvero il nostro corpo. In un mondo sempre più votato al “bio"Style"Vegan"It is more than normal that such fashions immediately find followers, but from a scientific point of view ... do they have a base?

Indeed certain treatments, both cosmetics and food plans designed "ad hoc", have an excellent impact on ours body. For example, a correct diet is able to speed up the growth of our hair, nails and allow us to have a softer skin avoiding some imperfections (such as stretch marks and cellulite).

Be careful though ... nothing can do miracles or make us suddenly rejuvenate but determined habits or lifestyles, with time, they can bring us significant benefits. Detoxifying treatments in fact they can purify not only our body inside but also outside.

An example of this is the treatment "hair detox”Very popular among celebrities and among the most requested services in the SPAs. But exactly what is it? How can you do one? deep cleaning of the scalp to give it shine and make it healthy?

The answer is really simple, performing periodic treatments of hair reconstruction (link) and using the findings of the cosmetics industry which, in addition to having a purely aesthetic effect, regenerate really the structure of the skin making it free from everything that prevents proper transpiration.

Excessive sebum, dermatitis, color residues or styling products over time create a carpet that prevents our skin from “to breathe". Therefore a correct purification ritual (shampoo + conditioner + energizing) will be able to rejuvenate the structure of hair and skin, allowing the first to grow stronger and healthier and the second to redden less frequently.


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