Do you want a simple and practical hairstyle? Try the Half Bun!


#Halfbun, the practical hairstyle that we must learn to keep in mind, but what is it?

THE'Half Bun (literally half a donut) is the right solution to have ahairstyle fast but at the same time transmit aimage of order is cleaning. In fact, if you don't like it tail or the usual collected (link top 5 hairstyles) thehalf bun is the solution for you if you love the look casual and theeffect messy.

The only thing that always comes back is fashion, remember it!

This style of hair has its roots in Seventies, in fact and is a half harvest / chignon in the center of the head, which collects only a part of hair, leaving the others on the shoulders. With this half harvested the hair is carried in the upper or middle part of the head, to then be tightened in a "mini chignon“.

It's a'hairstyle that fits perfectly both for the most formal situations for a romantic look and in perfect style bon ton or for the more informal ones with free locks and wild mood. It is very popular among celebrities (above all Jennifer Lopez), who wear it both in everyday life and on the red carpet.

The only required feature is having a hair length sufficient to collect them and you're done.


There are dozens of tutorials on the net to be able to do this yourself fast hairstyle, just search on Instagram the hashtag #halfbun or go up YouTube, the web is always a source of inspiration and you will find photos and suggestions on how to make it into very few steps.

And what do you think? What are your favorite looks? Let us know!

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