All crazy about the Helfie


When theselfie more famous (selfie addicted) becomes a real compulsion even from the hairdresser then we are talking about #Helfie by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

Be careful not to exchange this term for anything else ... maybe the last cartoon of the Disney or a error of pronunciation. THE'Helfie it's the last one hashtag which is depopulating up Instagram.


#Helfie it is the self-portrait of the hairdresser and is already viral!


The word is born from the union of hair+selfies and it is the new trends of the moment where he sees many showgirls, actresses, singers, models but most of all fashion blogger posing in front of a mirror to capture their new one hairlook from the hairdresser to receive the first ones in real time feedback from the web community.

The most obsessed with this new trend? In Italy we see in the forefront (as usual) Belen Rodriguez is Melissa Satta (always attentive to her look and her social profiles) but overseas the real star of this "discipline"Could not be that she ... Kim Kardashan!

helfie - il selfie dal parrucchiere

But the list of celebrities that are photographed in beauty salons would be really long and the race of like interminable, but why always talk about VIPs? We think of us! How much you love to show your photos with a "change looks"By the hairdresser?

Personally post my own helfie it allows me to have direct contact with all of you, I feel flattered to share my advice and receive your compliments, after all you know all my selfies in the salon Mimì Colonna.


Helfie Mimì Colonna

And what are you waiting for? Greetings to all from your Mary Littlebells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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