Concorso Fotografico “Backstage Mimì Colonna”


Combine your passion for photography with originality and take part in the photo contest: "Backstage Mimì Colonna"

Taking part is very simple, send us a photo reproducing the scene of a famous film, the technical jury chaired by the photographer Fabio Ingegno and our marketing manager Marco Colonna he will evaluate it and if he deems it suitable, he will make it visible on the "Facebook Fan Page” ufficiale di Mimì Colonna, dove le votazioni popolari decreteranno il vincitore.

La foto con più “mi piace” sarà la vincitrice ed il fotografo referente vincerà un € 200 contract with Mimì Colonna for the creation of a total look (based on business needs) while the model / referent of the photo will participate in our next fashion collection appearing on the cover.


1) the photo must be sent to the following address: with object "Photo Contest" (all photos without object will be trashed);

2) the photo must be sent accompanied by a release letter for the publication (format to download at the bottom of the page by the photographer and by all the people portrayed), otherwise it will not be accepted;

3) only one photo is granted for each referring photographer participating in the competition;

4) subjects or subjects that incite violence, racism, anti-morality or any subject prohibited by Italian law are excluded;

4) the photo sent cannot be published in another form before the expiry of the competition, under penalty of exclusion from the competition itself.

5) deadline sending photo contest Friday 28 February 2014 h 20.00;

6) Facebook voting from Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th March 2014 at 11.00pm;

7) by sending the release form the regulation is accepted.

NB due to server problems:

The dispatch of the photos for the contest has been moved with the following dates: A) deadline sending photo contest Monday 31st March 2014 at 20.00 B) votazioni Facebook da martedì 8 a sabato 12 Aprile 2014 h 22.00

Download and complete the release: