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by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


from model Gisele Bündchen all 'actress Anne Hathaway pedaling has become of fashion, so much that every star of Hollywood loves being portrayed riding a bike, why be trendy and launch a message echo it is always an excellent commercial initiative before civilization.

Be it racing, super modern, vintage, classic or personalized bicycle has become the preferred medium for going to work, going out with friends, for showing off a outfits.

The inspiration comes from the designer Catherine Baba who made the bicycle his lifestyle and recognition during the Fashion Week in Paris. Walking in bicycle as well as being a pleasant and ecological habit has become a cult for lovers of fashion.

The Staff of Mimì Colonna with us <Official Fashion Bloggers> and with the collaboration of Bari Space Cycle has undertaken a public awareness campaign for a more conscious and eco-sustainable use of means of transport.

Leave the idea immediately that the most suitable clothing for riding is a very comfortable one t-shirt with shorts is sneakers


Cycling has never been so chic and here are our rules:


Rule n1: Personalize your bike !!!

We relied on the expert hands of those who make cycling a lifestyle: the boys of Space Cycle based in Bari. Our bike have been completely customized with a unique and truly style fashion with a meticulous search for details! And don't forget the trash! You can hide yours clutch or fill it with flowers, in this way you will be unique and cheerful even on cold winter days!


ciclo spazio Bari


Rule n2: Personalize your outfit !!!

Give up the idea that by bike theoutfits must be absolutely sporty! Yours style it must be unique and particular. A wide skirt, but not too long, will help you move. Avoid long dresses, tight-fitting dresses or skirts that are too short. We have worn the clothes of Marika Mirizzi, one stylist at 360 degrees! His style, so unique, colorful, feminine and much chic will leave you all speechless! And don't forget the accessories, a pair of earrings or a necklace will give you that extra touch!


bici in fashion


Rule n3: Take care of the look of your hair !!!

Many of you ask me how to bring the hair in bicycle and here I am. Today we offer three styles recommended by the Staff Mimì Colonna: Ines brings one tail well-kept to be elegant but at the same time cheeky, Graziana has opted for cloose hair moved like the wind, for a look practical, comfortable but ... very fashionable; at the end for my look one was thought bow bun super chic and feminine.

Are you curious to see the backstage report of the initiative? Then connect to Official Facebook page of Mimì Colonna and peek behind the scenes ... Follow the link (click here).

The "bike passion"It will soon be a hit, so don't be caught unprepared, immortalize your bicycle with the right outfits and share it on Instagram with the following hashtag: #bikelife #ilovemybike #meandmybike #bikeoutfit #bikersofinstagram… is #pimpmybike.


hair look



And what are you waiting for? Are you Pigre or Sports? Greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).




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