Ines Helene - Sweden also has its own Kim Kardashian


Is called Ines Helene is of Swedish origin and has already become one web star, so much to have been defined "Instafamous", Thanks to its profile Instagram, where he posted several photos that did not go unnoticed (link). By Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

Roaring physique, bursting breast and B-side model Kim Kardashian. These are the qualities that allowed her to become famous on the web with almost 2 million fans who are daily intrigued by his photo. Despite its truly bursting aesthetic side Ines she's a lawyer, maybe the sexiest of all City of London and tries to reconcile his career in court with the popularity he has achieved on web.


There are many newspapers that in this period have dealt with her emphasizing all that: one beautiful woman may be also be intelligent and reach the success professional. Among the many magazines in which she was the protagonist Maxim (link) is the magazine that has made most of it known Ines Helene to the general public, making it a real one web star.

Graduated in “Law & Finance"In London, has reached gods academic results definitely enviable and, to make matters worse, she is also a convinced activist. For years he has been working with "28 Jun” (link), a humanitarian association that collects resources from philanthropists from around the world to then support projects against illiteracy, racial discrimination and similar issues.

Ines Helene Layer

What leaves his fans literally breathless but it is his incredible and irrepressible aesthetic appearance, in fact boasts of the dizzying curves ed una sensualità fuori dal comune.

Her professional activity often fades into the background as many companies are willing to hire her as celebrity endorsement to make them appear products it's theirs brand in his photographs, allowing the beauty Ines to earn even more than $ 30,000 a month with the solo Instagram Marketing.

Ines Helene Testimonial

Users of company they have already nicknamed it "sexy lawyer"And in fact he never misses a chance to post countless selfies (link) that portray her in her everyday life.

Ines Helen public  photo while at the gym, before leaving home, while relaxing in the spa and between the sheets of her bed, without ever forgetting to enhance her abundant neckline and the buttery backside which has nothing to envy to that of the note Kim Kardashian.

Ines Helen - b side

Certainly if in Italy there was a lawyer so much wonderful and sensual, the courtrooms would be even more crowded than usual.

Do you agree? Greetings from your Ines (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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