Orari Salone

(da Domenica 3 Settembre 2023 a Domenica 16 Giugno 2024)

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday: 9.00 - 19.00 (continued);
Friday and Saturday: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (open all day);
Sunday and Monday closed.

(da Lunedì 17 Giugno 2024 a Sabato 7 Settembre 2024)

Monday: 4.00pm - 8.00pm;
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday: 9.00 - 19.00 (continued);
Friday: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (open all day);
Saturday: from 9.00 to 13.00;
Sunday: closed.

Requests beyond opening times to the public, on non-working days and / or outside of the show they may be agreed with the management.

NB: il salone riceve SOLO su appuntamento

Closed for holidays: da Sabato 10 a Lunedì 19 Agosto 2024, riprenderemo l’attività Martedì 20 Agosto.

For esigenze durante il periodo di chiusura potete contattare l’amministrazione al 334.501.58.33, tale servizio prevederà un supplemento rispetto al listino.

Aperture/Chiusure straordinarie


  • Lunedì 1 e Martedì 2 Gennaio: Closed
  • Sabato 6, Domenica 7 e Lunedì 8 Gennaio: Closed
  • Thursday, April 25: Closed
  • Wednesday 1 May: Closed
  • Sunday 2 and Monday 3 June: Closed
  • Friday 1st November: Closed
  • Sunday 8 December: Closed
  • Monday, December 23rd: open (from 9.00 to 19.00)
  • Martedì 24 Dicembre; open (dalle 7.30 alle 15.00)
  • Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 December: Closed
  • Monday 30 December: 
  • open (from 9.00 to 19.00)
  • Tuesday 31 December: open (dalle 8.00 alle 16.00)


  • Mercoledì 1 Gennaio & Giovedì 2 Gennaio: Closed
  • Domenica 5 & Lunedì 6: Closed

Telephone numbers - email

For requests for franchise quotes or official commercial communications

+39 080 - 556 33 13

Per appuntamenti in salone e comunicazioni relative alla sede di Bari.

+39 334 - 501 58 33

For commercial communication, franchising and training courses


Since the appointment service is active, it is strongly recommended to book by calling on 080.5563313 or 334.5015833 in order to guarantee the service. Requests after the opening time to the public, on non-working days and / or outside the show, may be agreed with the management.

Servizi Gratuiti

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Coffee/Juice break

Coffee/Juice break

Analysis of the hair with micro-camera

Analysis of the hair with micro-camera

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy

Multimedia Wi-Fi

Multimedia Wi-Fi


Autosilo Silopark (per tutti i servizi tecnici)

Express revisage makeup

Express revisage makeup

Recharge battery phone

Recharge battery phone

Where we are?

Siamo in Via Vito Nicola Di Tullio n36 – Bari (Zona Policlinico)

Faq (frequently asked questions)

Our services are unisex
We mainly work by appointment so it is highly advisable to inform us (by telephone) about the work to be carried out so as to organize the work, reduce waiting times and guarantee the requested service.

Mimì is often involved in fashion events, seminars and advertising campaigns so it is strongly recommended to contact us in the salon and request an appointment so that we can guarantee the service.

The hours of the solon can change according to the Winter or Summer session (for more info visit the timetables section or contact us on site)

During the year, extraordinary openings and / or closures are also possible, which is why we always invite you to make an appointment before introducing yourself to the show, to be sure of being able to guarantee the service in any case, our communication will provide timely paper-based notifications ( inside the office), minutes (through our staff) or via the web (always available 24 hours a day).

Having different sectors in which we are engaged (salon, schools, fashion seminars, etc.) it is necessary to turn around the hours of presence of stylistic and technical managers, in any case the presence of a director in the salon is always required in order to guarantee the supervision of the work.

For technical works (eg color, meches, ironing, etc.) the acceptance time is until 6.00 pm, for all other services it is until 7.00 pm according to the availability of the operators. We remind you that it is always advised to contact us at home and book so as to guarantee the service, for requests outside the opening hours we reserve the right to run the salon with a possible surcharge.

Sunday is our weekly closing day, however in the Summer session the salon respects an Monday afternoon opening. In any case, for requests other than opening hours, we recommend our "home delivery" service so as to always guarantee the quality of the "Mimì Colonna" services whenever you need, simply contact us by phone and book the service with a operator, these services could have a higher cost than the price list.

At different times of the year there are extraordinary openings, which will be communicated promptly in the salon, on the site and on our social networks

The salon respects a continuous opening session, depending on the time of year (winter / summer) such opening may undergo changes, for more information we invite you to contact us at our headquarters or visit the "Schedules" session. In all other cases or for special needs, it is possible to request our service "at home" by reserving an operator by simply calling us (this service could involve an additional cost).

It is always preferable to go to the salon for a more detailed estimate, however the services section can be consulted for information on our price list

Accettiamo tutti i principali circuiti internazionali di pagamento

Other collaborators can also perform the cutting service
The folding service includes specific shampoo, specific treatment and finish. Further styling treatments may have an additional cost that each operator will indicate before executing them.

Per lavori tecnici combinati è applicata una scontistica riservata rispetto al prezzo di listino (non commutabile con altre promozioni in corso)

It is possible to request a personalized service at home, in which case the cost will depend on the day, time and place requested
All those in our service menu
The bridal proposals can be consulted in the services section, we strongly recommend that you reserve the wedding date as soon as possible to be sure about availability on the day and at the times chosen
It is possible to request these services in the salon by appointment
We are designers and at the same time an official "Z.One Concept" salon, so all our products are marked "Z.One Concept". However for work needs it is possible to take advantage of "hair care" healing products with natural compounds (eg Macadamia & Wella etc.) and Gloss Cloud Nine C9, GHD and Paul Mitchell styling.
All our products (hair, body and make-up) meet the highest standards of preventive allergic reactions, however for particular categories of subjects it is possible to request totally natural treatments, recommended for extremely sensitive subjects or pregnant women, in this case there we invite you to request the service in a preventive manner during the consultation.
If a person has special needs because of an allergy or medical prescriptions, alternative products can be used

Siamo in Via Vito Nicola Di Tullio n36 – Bari (Zona Policlinico)