Karl Lagerfeld - A master of ageless style!


Defined the "Kaiser" of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld it is a myth for all of us women and has an opinion for everything and everyone. Her real date of birth has always been a mystery, the only certain data is the day ... September 10th. Here is his story by Mary LittleBells (Facebook- Instagram - Blog).

Born in Germany, he emigrated as a teenager in Paris where he could cultivate his own passion for fashion free from any moral impediment, helped by a more vision libertine of life beyond the gods Pyrenees. In France they immediately noticed his genius, creativity and creativity, making it quickly become a simple "seamstress"(Term used in a derogatory way by its detractors) in a"Fashion Master"Envied all over the world.

Karl was soon recognized as the ruler of fashion of Paris, a new "Sun King", And through his"Maison Lagerfeld"Dressed (and still dresses) le most beautiful women in the world with a style that is always elegant but in step with the times. Accessories, perfumes, home furnishings, interior design, etc. etc. ... there is no scope for fashion world copyright in which Karl Lagerfeld he has not tried.


It is true and authentic "master of style“, He collaborated with the biggest fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi and Chloè, playing the role of "Artistic director". Photographer, collector of art and books Karl certainly never gets bored because as he claims "Boredom is a deadly crime".

Personally I love his class and his unmistakable style: white hair gathered in a pigtail, total black jacket, his legendary black glasses, white collar, his unmistakable gloves cut on the ends of his fingers and his white catchoupette”.


As he writes O'Hagan, «he has the courage to perpetuate a vision of something wonderful and also has the intelligence not to take himself terribly seriously, simply laughing, parodying himself and - thank God - reflecting on the world from which his money comes, not just feasting among his vanities. Lagerfeld is a man at the top of his greatest invention: himself».

O'Hagan also says that thefemale ideal of Lagerfeld is not based so much on a woman's body (definitely not to be underestimated) but on her way of being. In the past it was very much inspired by women like Inès de la Fressange, while today her ideal woman is represented by the actress Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain and Kristen Steward.

In his models he greatly appreciates the thick and thick eyebrows and is one of the reasons why in recent years he has chosen the model Cara Delevingne as a testimonial of the brand.




And now I leave you with a selection of his best phrases that I love:


"I am a fashionable person, and fashion is not just about clothes, but all kinds of changes".

"The key word of our trade is desire. We need to create desire".

"My professional rule is always the same: work more than others to show them how useless they are".

"Fashion is like music: so many notes to play with. And everyone can compose his little melody".




You also love the style of this master timeless? Let me know, greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)


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