Katya Domankova - The story of the Cinderella Top Model


Katya (Katsia) Domankova is a Belarusian top model, angel of Victoria's Secret (link), unmistakable face of hundreds of advertising campaigns (especially of lingerie), former wife of the Russian billionaire Anton Zingareviç and founder of the brand and fashion blog "Beauty Hack” (link), followed by over 50,000 fans every day.

Katya is the living example of the history of Cinderella, an ordinary girl who managed to get a great success only thanks to his tenacity and desire to emerge. Born Minsk (a few years before the total collapse of the Soviet Union) since she was a child has always been a lot self-confident, but he led a somewhat life solitary.

Di carattere molto socievole e vivace Katya he could not relate to his friends and the culture that surrounded them, too rigid and severe, while his nature led her to want to always be at Center of the attention both of his teachers and his peers.

Katya Domankova young

Her career she starts at a very young age when just 18 is the face of the main Belarusian telephone company, then she takes part in the competition "Supermodel of the World"Arriving in the final a New York and winning the selection to then earn a contract with the modeling agency "Ford Models“, From that moment on the life of the Belarusian Cinderella it has changed radically.

Katya Domankova started working with the gurus of fashion, his photos on the cover saw her as the protagonist of the main magazines in the sector such as Allure, Marie Claire, Glamor and Harper's Bazaar. Furthermore the Domankova has been the face of a brand like for years Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and many others.


The secret of its success it is undoubtedly his physical: slender and slender ... practically perfect. Indeed Katya Domankova she is most famous for being the protagonist of the catalogs of Intimissimi is Stella McCartney, crowning his dream of becoming an Official Angel of Victoria's Secret (link) In 2010.


The peak of his career came when as well as to parade for the annual "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” (link), was chosen by the same brand as celebrity endorsement of the cosmetic line.

Katsia Domankova cosmetics

In 2009 Katya decides to give more space to his private life, retiring from the catwalk and marrying the Russian billionaire Anton Zingareviç, traveling every week between London, Moscow and New York. In 2013 she became the mother of her first daughter Marusia, but love with Anton ends soon.

Since 2015 she has been linked to another man who had her second daughter in 2016, Ivanka. At the moment Katya Domankova lives in Moscow, where he devotes himself full time to his family and carries on his fashion blog project “Beauty Hack"Together with his fans of Instagram (link).

Katya Domankova blog


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