London Fashion Week - F / W fashion tips 2015


Let's find out the make-up and thehairstyle of the next collection by Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

The beauty makeup seen on the catwalks of the London Fashion Week confirms the statement of a make-up almost absent, defined "nude look" (as the Make-Up Bride 2015). The face is water and soap, with a luminous base that gives the feeling of lightness and freshness, which together with a soft mascara points to a larger eye effect. We note in fact very clear eye shadows and the use of pastel colors like the blush pink candy. Wide choice of different types of "pink color" to choose from, for example the perfect peach color to use as an eye shadow. Personally, I was very impressed Burberry which proposes a "clean" face without (but not entirely) make-up, which highlights only the details like the fiery red lipstick for lips to kiss.  

MakeUp London Fashion Week

As for thehairstyle, the coolest trend seems to be a simple middle or side line for a sober and elegant style that conveys order. We find it all again on the models of "Issa”In a clear and decisive manner. Also the cut certainly has a prominent place in this fall winter 2015/2016. Mostly the designers have opted for two styles: a very short one (combined with shaving on the nape and drawn off on the sides for a radiant and delicate look at the same time) and the other defined XXL (with exaggeratedly long and straight hair).

London Fashion Week Hairstyle

  The different types of cuts vary depending on the designer and how they want to strike the attention of the public. The models of Max Mara for example, they have an elegant punk side, with a scaled tuft and a very short fringe. You will ask from "Fashion Addicted"Which port am I cutting right now? Personally I did not want to dare with the very short, but for years wearing hair over shoulder height I opted (behind also the advice of Mimì Colonna and its staff) for a short and straight cut, thanks to them my look is the envy of many ...  

To the next girls from your Ines (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)

  Ines Petrelli  

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