The 90s look, is it back in fashion or has it never gone away?


This summer we told you about the new trend dell 'DIY hairstyle which depopulated at Coachella that is, theHalf Bun (link) which was taken up in its variant a double chignon by many divas of the red carpet giving life to fashion of the Double Bun (link). Now it's time to tell you about a backfire on hair, make-up and outfits. By Mary LittleBells (Facebook- Instagram - Blog).

The 90s trend it has never been completely abandoned in these years, after all "fashion is the only one that always comes back"This is why we revisit the style a little on the street gothic / chic / punk taken periodically by the Hollywood divas, but in 2016 it has come back more and more in vogue and is very popular!

The top model have already begun to spread their photographs on company with this mood: side dish eyes dark, lips violet color e outfits to net. The most easy and pleasant hairstyle to match inevitably refers to the baby-spice look Emma Bunton and to the young Hurujuku of Japan who inspired the creators of Sailor Moon.


THE double pigtails they are back in fashion!


The 90's they came back powerfully and it is ironic that many of the dive which today sport this look at that time they were in swaddling clothes or, worse still, not even in the thoughts of mom and dad. The example of "Double Bun"Most famous is given Cara Delevingne, top model to scream, which perfectly interprets this flashback.

After being a guest at the "Late Show" of James Corden (where he told the joke he made to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston) Dear has turned into a kind of Spice Girl and at the exit of the studios in New York he showed off a beautiful look worthy of the best baby boom generation.

We know that at dive like to compete and for this reason many other colleagues have started to show off outfits similar in the most diverse social parties. The queen of these "scandal parties"Could only be her, Miley Cirus. In fact, the singer presented herself to the Mtv Music Awards with this look and with all his provocative charm challenged the dozens of professional models attending the evening.



And what do you think? Do you have nostalgia for the 90s?


Let me know! Greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)


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