New Year's Look - Style tips to be elegant!


Every moment is the right one for to party, but there are occasions that do not go unnoticed, New Year is one of these. There are unwritten rules to be respected and mistakes to be avoided absolutely the night of new Year's Eve, this article will help you in choosing theoutfits just based on the evening that awaits you between a house party or a gala dinner outside.

Let's start with colors, golden and red they are definitely the best choices! We are there for the rest to party, not to be depressed and confused with the wallpaper.

Another element to consider is whether the party it will be indoors (at home, in a hotel or reception room) or if we will celebrate outdoors (maybe in the square with so many people around us), in the first case we can focus on a dress embellished with crystals Swarovski in the second, it is better to focus on comfort and then choose a coat or sweater suitable for temperatures more rigid.

Even the accessories they should be combined intelligently, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. must be an extension of ours look. Red for sure is the dominant color, moreover, as we could celebrate New Year without a touch of bright color ?!

Let's move on to thehairstyle. If you want something simple, a simple one fold move will do just fine for you, let your hair be "mouth-watering & fluffy", the word "charm"Must be your mantra.

If instead one is waiting for you gala dinner and you're not going to be out of tune with your hair, then a hairstyle a chignon soft and unstructured or one Braid left open to the tips are certainly the better choices.

Now it's time to makeup. It is true, we are a New Year but unless you are invited as guests to the circus a sober look is what should interest you. Avoid eye-catching eye shadows or fluorescent lip gloss.

Rather, focus on something elegant but at the same time of pure impact, colors that refers to gold or al flesh-colored are the most intuitive choice, at the limit allow yourself just a touch of red to the lips but do not overdo it.

What do you think of our advice? What kind of New Year is waiting for you? Let us know!


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