Every age has its look, but will it be true?


Every age has its own hair look adequate, this applies to everyone unless you are Jerry Hall (model, singer, showgirl and ex wife of Mick Jagger leader of the Roling Stones). In fact it is the first days of 2016 the photo published on Vogue Italia who portrays her in the company of her daughters, Georgia and Lizzie, while sporting the same cut and fold.


Jerry Hall e figlie

Are they the exception that confirms the rule? Let's find out!


To facilitate the choice of look more appropriate (and recommended) we will divide each band by hair length type, this is because each of you has tastes that you just can't do without or are not interested in giving up. Small suggestion, before continuing we remind you our articles passed to get a more complete idea:

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loot 20 anni


  • From 20 to 30 years: it is the perfect age to carry all kinds of look, not just for the cut but also for the color, in fact every distortion, even the most visible, will be easily forgiven.

If you prefer the short hair it's time to do it decisively. Go ahead, therefore, to extreme cuts, with which to play to bring out your own personality. If you are a fan of the "shaved" variant (like that of Miley Cyrus for instance), we advise you to keep the front tuft longer so you can style it for a touch more feminine. Haircut of this kind highlights the face, including its "weaknesses" therefore attention.

If the short is not for you then the medium hair is the best choice maybe with a long bob, a cut mat to be worn in a loose or super-smooth version, the right height is the one that grazes the shoulders so as to have the possibility to tie the hair both in a hurry and for an elegant and practical look.

If you are lovers of long hair always and in any case we recommend a look with more volume (to avoid the flat effect) by making a cut with internal scaling. If you have i very curly hair instead leave them longer and never climb over the chin line.

look young


  • FROM 30 TO 50 YEARS: it is the age of awareness, it is no longer the time to dare but to choose one pragmatic look, the color can never be neglected and the affinity with your hairdresser must be maximum.

If you are lovers of short hair (both in style androgynous that femme fatale) the goal is to soften the features without accentuating the appearance of first wrinkles. Often shorten the hair on the sides of the face (in such a way that they do not swell and give a disordered air) some strokes of light would make the whole thing more elegant.
If the short hair is not for you but you don't want to give up the practicality it brings then focus on the evergreen bob cut shorter behind and with longer locks on the front so as to keep the medium hair. Personalize your look, perhaps drying your hair but not creating a perfect crease, that touch of randomness will make you unique.

Love the long hair but did the first imperfections make you slaves of the color? Then go ahead to soft scalings both if i hair they are smooth, both when they are curly. If you have a round face, focus on very long fringes, which touch the eye (for all the others, a good compromise may be the line of the eyebrows), opt for warm colors like chocolate or hazelnut if you like it see you clear abound with honey, especially if you have light eyes.

look 50 anni


  • From 50 upwards no more time to play, yours look must be impeccable, always studied and feminine, the word look neglected must disappear from your vocabulary, the color can not miss a beat and if you really want to follow the trend of Grey know that it is not enough to grow your hair, it should be treated even more to avoid the classic yellowish effect.

If you love the short hair the bob cut (we repeat it) is always a valid suggestion except if the textures of your hair is too fine, in this case it is better to avoid, you would risk accentuating the vintage effect and go from being fashionable to being ridiculous, the step is really short, do you want an icon to inspire you? Scelgiete Cate Blanchett.

Do you want a medium hair? Then the look at the Jennifer Aniston is the one for you, always an icon of smooth and scaled cut (obviously the ideal would be to have very smooth hair) because it is based on soft lines that frame the face and go to fade on the back. If you have a strong chin / jaw line, always opt for the row in the middle.

You have arrived at this age and for you the long hair it is always a diktat indispensable? Then we suggest the look of Julianne Moore. The actress's cut (without counting, however, the wonderful color ...) is defined and characterized by clean lines. To copy it: if you have fine hair that tends to frizz, opt for scaling from chin down; if instead they are big bets on more decisive and internal scales so as to limit the excess of volume.


mimi colonna blog moda

We hope our advice will help you and remember that: the right age is what you feel!


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