Look Like


Have you always been told that you look like a famous person, a singer, a dancer, a showgirl or a model?

If yours dream is to dress even for a single night the role of a super-star then the project “Look Like - Become A Star"Is what suits you, in fact Mimì Colonna along with his Staff will re-propose the look of through the right make-up, hairstyle is outfits.  

Every woman is capable of becoming a cover diva, but to do it ... she needs to get out of the right hands!

  Our image experts they will study your physical characteristics, physiognomy and attitudes so as to replicate the character of reference, because there is only one thing more beautiful than our work ... and it is peeking backstage having a front row seat!  

Watch the video trailer of the project and find out how we replicated the look of Amy Winehouse (video link).


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