Look Minimal, the coolest trend for 2019!


The minimalist style wins the catwalks in the beginning of 2019 and yesI love certain that sobriety, elegance and simplicity they will be recurring elements throughout the year. The "minimal look"Always instills, to those who choose it, a class that goes beyond the fashions of the moment.

Every accessory it can be used to emphasize our style, always keeping faith with the harmonious element of the whole, where "remove the superfluous"Is the philosophy to follow. Geometry and tone-on-tone inserts are the basis of the minimal look, perfect for every occasion but above all elegant.

As it often happens outfits, makeup & hairstyle they are in close contact and obviously the passage from the wardrobe to the hair look and face is very short. It is said that: <a woman's elegance is timeless> above all exceeded "anta"Of age and in this respect we can only fully agree.

Sand color as well as the classic "White black”Are a neutral combination that goes well in every occasion. From the most elegant to the most informal. The makep nude look (link) is the best choice as we should not underestimate the benefits of contouring hair (link) able to give light to our face with very simple light / dark color games.

The secret for an always impeccable minimal look?

Combining a few (and sober) colors with the utmost elegance is the rule "must"For a perfect minimal look, every accessory must have his why! Even the bags must be chosen in style, avoiding the maxi logos and focusing on high quality leather goods.

Among essential accessories we also insert the classic "sunglasses"Which must be elegant and not" gaudy ", follow gentle lines and curves for a general harmonious effect, in this the" brand " Rayban it has always been themaximum expression of essentiality with its models that, even after 30 years, never go out of style.

And what do you think of this minimal trend aimed at showing off only the essentials?


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