Pretty Little Liars: the secrets of their look!


The look of the most loved PLL (pretty Little Liars) by Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite)


Mysterious and fascinating girls ... bring your hair like that!


For some time now the favorite liars of Italian girls have been theirs… the four protagonists of the TV series “pretty Little Liars"! They won our hearts and kept us glued to the TV for thousands of afternoons spent trying to understand the identity of "A" and wincing during their mysterious adventures.

Surely you too, like me, will have identified yourself in each of the actresses that most resembles you and you have tried to imitate the look so…


Why not entrust the mission to Mimì Colonna?


Do you want to look like Hanna? Then opt for a soft one bobsleigh which highlights the shape of the face and makes it so elegant ...


Hanna Pretty Little Liars


If your darling is Emily... you can only bring the hair long and very dark! This kind of look it's a lot sexy and the actress in question shows it off beautifully given her dark skin and perfect features!


Emily Pretty Little Liars


You are brown and, unlike Emily, you want the short hair? Then the look of the fantastic Air is right up your alley! His is a bobsleigh with gods Reflectthe golden ones that stand out his hazel eyes. It will make you sweet and magnetic ... try it!


Aria Pretty Little Liars


Do you love treading the scene? Being the undisputed protagonists? In this case you have to show off a look like a real queen just like her! Who am I talking about? But say Alison, of course !! The most beloved and hated actress of the television series shows off an incredible golden and flowing hair ... INSURED HEART STRAGES!


Alison Pretty Little Liars


If yours alter-ego has the name of Spencer... bring the hair loose, brown and very long. She looks like a classic good girl, very intelligent and classy, who at the same time has a courage and a mysterious charm out of the ordinary.


Spencer Pretty Little Liars


And you, what do you think? What is your favorite? Let me know, greetings from your Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite)




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