Oops ... I forgot to get dressed (Mariah Carey)


For the vip the important is capture attention, how to do is only a negligible detail. It often happens that the fastest way is to give scandal, so as to make TV and newspapers talk for days and days, increasing abundantly the media wave that is created. By Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).

Create a stir is an art designed at the table, for information just ask Kate Moss, called the "Lady Scandal" for excellence (link) or follow the very busy life of Miley Cirus (link). Often the best strategy it's daring with very showy dresses or (contrary to morality) don't wear anything!

And this is the case of the American singer-songwriter, actress and producer Mariah Carey, which in a recent event at1-OAK Village”In Las Vegas, he showed off his buttery body wearing only one leather body, stockings is other heels, leaving all present astonished to the delight of photographers.


Whimsical of the genus are not unique, neglecting the new levers (Selena Gomez, Arianna Grande etc.) for which attires of the kind are by now the normality, to turn “semi nude"Has illustrious precedents.

How not to remember the pioneer of this kind, the woman who still is today a trend icon and anticipating fashions (often questionable) but never ceasing to go unnoticed. We are talking about Louise Veronica Ciccone, in art: Madonna.

Extravagant and visionary already in his early career (when he was still a young actress trying to make ends meet) his photo, as mom had done it, they were popular among Los Angeles photographers, after all she had figured out how attract attention in a very short time.

Madonna naked

It seems, that the vice but never passed it, and so between a social event, the publication of a new album and the part in some film by Hollywood, the big Madonna still enjoys creating a sensation, if we then realize that it has exceeded 50 years, it is even more spicy for the gossip.

madonna trigger mood

At this point how not to mention the (natural) heir of Mrs. Ciccone ... the eclectic Lady Gaga. His motto «I'm not real. I'm theater!»(Ior I'm not real. I'm theater!) already says it all about his intentions. His video as well as his own show are real appointments of "entertainment". No wonder even in his private life i paparazzi they have material every day.

Lady Gaga Nude

Who shows enjoys ... Who envies crack ... Do you agree?

Let me know and Greetings from your Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).


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