Natasha Crown - The former model with Nutella's obsession!


Natasha Crown is an ex curvy model Swedish with a good body. Former model because now it is literally unrecognizable because of his obsession. Become the woman with the "Side B"Most pronounced in the world.

Of models curvy we have already worked on the blog in the past (link) their sensuality, despite the roundness, is visible and appreciated by great audience, but what he has in mind Natasha Crown it is really worrying and dangerous for his health.

Your account Instagram (link) has about 100,000 fans who follow it daily and encourage it to achieve its goal. Natasha moreover, it is not harmful to accept dangerous suggestions.

Several times she underwent plastic surgery, lips and cheekbones are clearly retouched, to be accepted and followed by her fans. But what scares doctors and educators is that to achieve its goal, the largest "Side B" in the world, the former model has deliberately embarked on an abundant food route so as to gain weight quickly and ensure that the fat of his body can tolerate the next interventions of implant prosthesis.

In short, an example from absolutely not to follow and that led her to have a truly unregulated diet by eating pasta, pizza, fries and (as stated) 6 kg of Nutella per day.


And you, what do you think? Would you ever be able to encourage someone on your path to self-destruction?

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