"Nude Look Make-Up" like being beautiful naturally!


Dear girls, today I'm talking about make-up and in particular of the beauty makeup that the stars show off more and more on social occasions (Grammy Awards, Fashion Week, EMA). The make-up is almost absent, for this it is defined "nude look" or "soft nude". Let's discover together the secrets of this look by Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


Leather is a beauty accessory to put on display.


With the "Nude Look Make-Up”(Which women and mothers of all ages really like) every woman will feel like a star since she's the type of makeup with which to go shopping and carry out normal daily chores but always transmitting aneat and clean image.

The definition, however, must not be misleading, as this type of makeup not easy to realize as it is necessary to standardize the light points and the shadow areas. The face will appear so in stylewater & soap"With a luminous base that gives the feeling of lightness and freshness and that, together with a soft mascara, points to a larger eyes effect.

make-up semplice

An example of "nude look"We often see it on the face of the top model Gigi Hadid; in fact at the fashion show of Moschino at the end of 2015, the almost absent "make up"All he did was light up his angelic face. We note indeed blush very light and the use of pastel colors like candy pink and peach, perfect to be applied abundantly on the cheekbones.

Gigi Hadid Moschino

Wide choice of different types of eyeshadow (obviously based on personal tastes) they complete the work. Personally I prefer the metallic ones combined with eyeliner deliberately smudged. Thus meeting the trend that many designers prefer and that is a "clean" face without, but not entirely, a make-up.

In the backstage of the Fashion Week almost all make-up artist agree with this new trend and also Mimì Colonna he recommends it for his brides (link). After all, being beautiful is natural secret most famous in the world.

However, each model has to capture attention with its magnetic look and other details and to achieve this, the designers propose girls with lipsticks on the catwalk that draw attention to their lips. I am sure that we will soon see many saturated colored or bright lipstick lipsticks on the market, making lipstick the real protagonist of this autumn's make-up.


And what do you think? Let me know! Greetings from your Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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