10/11/16 Open Day - Food & Wellness Hair


How important is nutrition for the well-being of our beloved hair?


THE hair I'm the thermometer ours health, in fact based on theirs growth we can anticipate anomalies or disturbances that could affect us. Very often during season changes the amount of hair we lose seems to increase, however this is a completely normal episode.

It is different if we get up every morning with different locks who crowd the pillow or if we brush hair these come off without too much energetic pressure, in which case we are not talking about hair weakness (solvable with aesthetic treatments such as lotions Fall) but of a real pathology in place in which only a "trichologist"(Competent doctor) could evaluate.


There growth or the hair loss it is an element that must take into account various factors such as: the androgenetic growth, stress levels, predisposition familiar, care pharmacological and supply.

THE'supply is a basic factor for the growth and stability of our hair, in fact a proper relationship with the table, as well as to increase our good mood and keep our physical line, can to influence effectively the welfare of our hair.


Thursday 10 November (from 17.00 to 19.00) c / o the “Mimì Colonna hairdresser"Two highly professional figures will be present; a nutritionist biologist (link) and a CNR researcher (link) to inform and transmit the just principles of nutrition.

Attraverso dati oggettivi e basi scientifiche è possibile (assieme ai giusti prodotti consigliati dal vostro trusted hairdresser) find more growth than yours hair, strengthening them in a manner natural.


We are waiting for you on Thursday 10th November for a free consultation!


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