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Looking for a hairdresser in Bari? Do you want to change your look and know the prices of services?


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The hairdresser is always very personal, at the base there must be not only low prices and technical skill, but also a lot of confidence, which is why the client / hairdresser relationship is often seen as a marriage, and just as such is cultivated. But even the most beautiful love stories come to an end, how to do it on these occasions? To throw oneself with eyes closed looking for a new beauty salon is not easy, often friends or friends intervene with the classic phrase: "come from mine!" But the final results are not always the desired ones.

What to do then? The simplest thing is to search on google: "bari hairdressers" but even here the solutions are multiple, after the second search page you are even more in doubt than before. Do not despair though, because among the many results you will surely find attractive offers of discounts even of 70%. But would a professional really sell off his training and skill?

Not infrequently it happens that you find a new hairdresser at very competitive prices but the cut, the color and the fold are objectively unwatchable. So why spend money twice 1st to save and 2nd to make up for the crap we have in mind? We hear around: "Yes, but Mimì Colonna is expensive, it costs too much for me!" "Mimì Colonna is only for great and vip people" "Mimì Colonna wouldn't waste time with me" Nothing could be further from reality! Ask yourself, would you ever give your health a price? How much would you be willing to spend on medical or beauty care? Spending 50 for a poor result is wiser than spending 55 for a good result?

Is this what happens to us most of the time before being contacted and chosen, that is to remedy the errors of other hairdressers, but prevention is better than cure? We use only certified and hypoallergenic quality products.

It is not our philosophy to criticize the work of colleagues, but for over 30 years Mimì Colonna has been synonymous with excellence and professionalism, as demonstrated by the events we treat (Miss Italia, The Venice Film Festival, Baroque Award, Flash Mob, Photo Sets such as Vogue Italia) all the most important events organized in Bari and Puglia are by Mimì Colonna, both for makeup and hairstyle.


Beauty is a luxury that everyone can indulge in, just enter a Mimì Colonna salon!


Not convinced yet? So come and visit us, our advice (verbal and technical) is always free and available to you, contact us we are also a beauty and solarium center, open at lunch time and always open (except extraordinary openings / closings) Do you have a special party? (18 years, birthdays, weddings, halloween, carnival, fashion casting) Mimì Colonna provides hairstyling and make-up service even at home!


Mimì Colonna, quality at the right price!


Find out about our promotions, the discounts reserved for you and all the initiatives we take care of (events, look & relax time changes). Follow us on Facebook and read the comments of those who have already tried it on Yellow Pages is Google reviews.

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