Hairdresser at home Bari - Mimì Colonna Service at home


Looking for a hairdresser to come directly to your home?

No problem Mimì Colonna provides the "home hairdresser" service


For all persons with reduced mobility, sudden commitments or difficulties to reach us during the opening hours of the show, the Mimì Colonna hairdresser (link) provides personalized service "in home"Also available on holidays or non-working days like Sunday and Monday.


For more information on the "home service menu" contact us!


NB the costs may vary with respect to the price list applied in the salon as they take into account the day, time, place and type of service requested "at home".

The hairdresser it is always a very personal choice at the base of which there is always mutual knowledge and technical skill. In some ways the client / hairdresser relationship it is often seen as a marriage, where there is a lot at the base confidence, and just as such is cultivated.

Throw yourself with your eyes closed looking for a beauty salon it is not easy, friends or friends often intervene with the classic phrase: "come from mine", But the final results are not always the desired ones.

So what to do? The simplest thing is to search on Google: "Bari hairdressers" but even here the solutions are multiple, after the second search page you are even more into doubt before.

Do not despair, however, because among the many results that you will find, in addition to the attractive offers of 70% discounts, there is the right answer. Always ask yourself: would a professional sell off his preparation and skill? Often it happens that you find one new hairdresser at very competitive prices but the cut? Color? The fold? Do they meet your expectations?

We hear around: "Yes, but Mimì Colonna it's expensive, it's too expensive for me! ""Mimì Colonna it is only for great and vip people ","Mimì Colonna he wouldn't waste time with me "... nothing further from reality!


Beauty is a luxury that everyone can indulge in, just enter a Mimì Colonna salon!


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