Mimì Colonna: Hairdresser Man Woman - Bari


Looking for a Man-Woman Hairdresser in Bari?


Every good hairdresser must always be updated on the latest cuts, colors and hairstyles to offer services that are always fashionable and professional; then it is not only necessary to choose the right look, but also to advise the style and be ready to understand the wishes of its customers.

Our salon is suitable for both men and women, our cutting and color proposals are absolutely trendy without ever forgetting or overshadowing the needs of those who choose us! Fashion today is a continuous revisitation of past styles to make them their own in a daily / modern key, therefore classic or alternative are terms that must be re-read and reinterpreted.

Here's what they say about us: 1) Yellow Pages 2) Google reviews 3) Our customers (Facebook Photo) Our advice is always free for more information or for all questions contact us!


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