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How many of you have always asked yourself this question: <how to have a correct diet>? And how many people have you heard say: <from tomorrow diet> or <Monday I quit>? Maybe you are one of these! Very often one right nutrition education, together with one periodic physical activity, they are able to improve your life style and make you lose weight in total safety.


The Mimì Colonna hairdresser is pleased to announce a partnership with a Dr. Andrea Pesce (nutritionist biologist) and the blog "Eat Well & Lose Weight"(Edited by him), able to educate you to right nutrition and allow yourself with simple daily tricks of: lose weight gradually, not realizing the relative efforts and sacrifices.


Small tips can change your life!


A simple idea would be to start with good habits: the gym for example helps you to keep fit, relieve stress and lose weight but, how many of you have free time for fitness?

wanting everything can be done, remember ... But we are sincere, most of us are lazy. It is time to deceive our mind and start speeding up our metabolism through simple steps that can change our lives.

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Why to park the car under the house, when could we leave it 100m farther away? Or why use the elevator to do two floors on foot when we could do the stairs? None of us live in a 40-story skyscraper or in a 40-km neighborhood. Many small conswhich, together with a healthy nutrition education, can make us reach our goal without effort and in a progressive and healthy way, that is: lose weight.

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"Mangia Bene & Perdi Peso" is a blog managed by Dr. Andrea Pesce (nutritionist biologist) with the aim of transmitting a proper nutrition education.


The Dr. Andrea Pesce it is available for free and periodically for Workshop & Open Day agreed at our offices and those of our partners. Possibly a private visit is possible for a free consultation (c / o his studio calling the 340.549.95.60) to display a food education path tailored. Con the right "forma mentis"It is possible to live the diet no longer as a sacrifice and transform it into a real lifestyle.


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