First date what men will never know!


Women & Hair: what men do not know and maybe they will never know? by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


That we women we are "out of mind"It is a well-known thing, being content is difficult. A constant example is when we present ourselves from our own hairdresser: we are smooth and we prefer curls, we have long hair and we want them short, we are brown and we make ourselves blondes.


Men do not know the ups and downs that await us so that we can find them ready and in order for them.


We spend whole days asking ourselves "Call me or not, what do I call him? Or maybe a messenger is better?  When finally the he in question calls us and invites us to go out what we do? The first reaction is a smile at 32 teeth, the second is a wave of panic sudden because even if we have more than 4h at our disposal time is never enough and because we women we are calculators we know how we would like the evening to go.

primo appuntamento consigli look

For this a second after closing the call and realizing that we are leaving tonight we begin the depressive phase where to curse in all possible and imaginable languages is the standard because: we don't know what to put on, we don't feel beautiful or the worst of all we have worse hair than overcooked spaghetti and left to lie in the pot.

Dear friends never answer or call back saying: "I'm sorry but today it's not really possible, I'm super busy"... because theright man It could happen at any time and never miss an opportunity!

danni capelli primo appuntamento

There curse of the first date (ie the time when you would like everything to go according to plan but in reality everything is out of your control) is like the law of Murphy. Our hair they are no exception; the day before we show off a hair from dream and the next one we find ourselves in desperate search of a hairdresser available to remedy the mess that we parked in the head!

Our look (so to speak) is a mix of one run away from home, one matta just resigned from the psychiatry department and one just left home after a week of flu convalescence. Classic!

Thus begins a true one Way of the cross of the "DIY fold"Without ever achieving the desired result and with the only certainty of transforming our room into a Turkish bath with relative stress that increases because we can't see each other beautiful and desired.


capelli in disordine

The solution?


Easy, let them be the professionals to take care of you, my secret, for example, is to rely on expert hands and unique of the Hairdresser's Staff Mimì Colonna. The color will always be perfect, the cut and the fold in order and the success of the evening will be assured, believe me!

primo appuntamento desiderio look


And what a relationship you have with yours hair when do you go out with him? I hope I ripped you off smile because getting around is good for your health. Basically the truth is this: us women in the end we are beautiful precisely because they are complicated. 


Greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).



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