Take care of your hair even in the winter months


Do you know what the greatest desire of every client who goes to the hairdresser is? Simple, have beautiful hair. But a sparkling, fashionable, elegant and harmonious look is not only the task of our trusted hairstylist, but also (and above all) of how we treat our hair.

Near the summer we all stock up on sunscreen products, healing masks and protective oils, just as in September it is a must to reconstruct the hair and proceed with anti-fall treatments to strengthen our hair.

The real secret to having beautiful hair is to treat them all year round!

Even during the winter months it is necessary to take care of our hair in order to have a look that is always in order but in particular to avoid having them dull and brittle especially if we usually carry out coloring work every 20 days or discoloration every 2/3 months .

Have you ever noticed that if you make the same color every month the shades can change? This is not due to a mistake by our hairdresser or a new nuance that you have tried, but a damaged hair tends to lose pigment more easily from the first wash.

How to avoid all this and have healthy and beautiful hair?

The answer is as simple as it is intuitive, taking care of your hair every day is the best way to have them healthy, strong, beautiful and long. As a famous advertisement says: better prevention than cure ”and the best way is to regenerate our hair with the nutrients it is made of.

The Mimì Colonna hairdresser suggests an innovative reconstruction by My Organics (link) made with Goji berry extracts. In fact, for hundreds of years man has known the benefits of Goji berries, for example Tibetans usually prepare infusions with these fruits that eliminate antioxidants from the body, thus allowing a natural and lasting regeneration.

The My Organics reconstruction with natural Goji berry extracts simply amplifies this regeneration right from the first treatment, allowing you to have softer, lighter, fragrant and beautiful hair.

Choose beauty all year round, contact us in the salon (link) and book your "beauty treatment"!


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