Selfie Addicted? Here are 5 instructions for the perfect self-timer!


by Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).


Now it is common to pronounce the phrase "let's make a Selfie"? even before "hello how are you?"


When you meet a friend or an acquaintance one of the most discussed topics is undoubtedly related to the last one photography seen or published on Social Network; yes, the selfies-mania has hit everyone, from the great to the small, from the VIPs to the common people and has become one fashion so popular as to require the right ones institutions for use.

Unfortunately for some, the result of this practice does not correspond exactly to a success ... in fact it is very easy to fall into the banal or even into one photo of little taste and risk doing so embarrassing fool.


For this reason, I decided to give you a sort of "selfie guide" in 5 points that you must never lose sight of to get the perfect self-timer!

1. Le photo in mood "toilet"Are good if it is not in sight wc... (may seem trivial but many still ignore this not insignificant detail) unless you are exponentiallyfashion”And / or use it making it central to the photographic context (as if it were a exemplary very rare and maybe too good not to photograph it) better to avoid;

2. Another element to avoid expressions from "boiled fish"Or excessively accentuate the lips in what the French call"cul de poule"(Better known as an expression duck face) so as not to risk appearing vulgar really out of place (okay if done in witty mode);

3. The smile always wins! Yes, as much as we girls (and not only ...) love to be sensual is mysterious with the magnetic expressions, nothing will ever be comparable with the simplicity and spontaneity of a smile, therefore never do it out of necessity but only if you really want to convey something and capture the moment;

4. I tweaks with filters or little programs ad hoc (which we love so much) are fine but do not overdo it! It is well known that the best photos are the natural ones in which you really are yourself. But a fundamental element that should not be underestimated is yours Hair-Look (for this reason I always choose only Mimì Colonna);

5. The last one rule it is always the most important and in our case also fundamental: "If you are really cool, but super cool" like Eric Zoolander (aka the actor Ben Stiller) so the above rules are not for you because you are allowed everything, an example? Cara Delevingne... any pose (even the most embarrassing) is always beautiful and fashionable.

Cara Delevingne


And what do you think? You Selfie Addicted? Let me know, greetings from your Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).




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