Thrilling Selfie - A fashion to avoid!


A famous popular saying says that: "the fool's mother is always pregnant", Seeing the new fashion of the"thrilling selfies"We can only agree. We have already dealt with how the mania for making oneself selfies has become a daily habit, theselfie is now a fashion (link) without limits of age, sex or religion and affects everyone, from VIPs to ordinary people.


But when it's too much it's too much!


After Angela Nikolau, the Russian model who climbs high-rise metropolitan buildings just to snap thrilling selfies, it's the turn of Viki Odintcova, 23 years old and over 3 million of followers on Instagram (link), which had the brilliant idea of climbing (avoiding surveillance) on the last floors still under construction Cayan Tower of Dubai.

THE like to his Instagram photo (link) rained down like a hurricane together with lots of criticisms. It was of little use to justify the "stunt" such as , posting a few days after the video (link) of performance, seen almost 1 million times, including from the Dubai police who convened the model for clarifications and to challenge the crime of violation of private property.


It seems they are one professional model, which can boast contracts with brand important, very followed on company and with a physical to scream, must have been forced, for a little more visibility, to create a "foolishness” del genere.

Speriamo profondamente che: tali manifestations of unconsciousness they are not repeated and emulated, to avoid possible tragedies resulting from idiocy.


And what do you think? Do you agree that certain fashions are best avoided?

See you at the next blog article!


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