Sensorial Mint - A breath of freshness all year round!


IS' vacation time for most of us and you know very well that yours hair they need many cuddles and specific products to prevent bad surprises (link). Mimì Colonna and his Official Fashion Bloggers they run to your rescue. By Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

The treatment which I can no longer do without, officially entered fully into my own <must have> in absolute terms, it is the line Sensorial Mint of milkshake. I'm talking about shampoo, mask, conditioner and energizing spray with mint and lime extracts, which I guarantee you a breath of freshness all year, try to believe, in these cases Z.One Concept don't miss a shot!

mojito per capelli


 Mojito for hair


There feature main of these products is that of moisturize and protect your hair thanks to the combination of fruit, mint and sage extracts for a treatment invigorating is bracing not just for yours hair but also for yours skin.

This is mine toning ritual especially in these summer days particularly sultry but especially during sports (gym, running, swimming pool). There mint immediately donates a sense of freshness, the sage extends this long-term well-being he fruit extracts make it soft and fragrant Our hair.


A perfect refreshing mix!


Many of you ask me on the blog or following me on social channels which products to use for wash the hair everyday, make them shiny and always get an effect WOW. The kit "travel size" of Sensioral Mint is the answer you are looking for you can use them everyday, they won't ruin yours skin, they will not weaken yours hair and they won't make your color dull or dull.

sensorial mint milkshakeAnd if you ask yourself which is the my favourite the answer is simple: it energizing spray. Her pleasantness it will capture your senses, a simple nebulization will smell the air and will give a prolonged freshness. It doesn't matter if you're driving, cycling, on the beach, in the pool or even in the gym ... no one can resist its scent, everyone will ask you to try it and you will be once again at Center of the attention!

Sensioral Mint Spray


Happy holidays from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)


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