SOS Hair: how to take care of it after the summer?


by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)  

The beauty of your hair has a name: Mimì Colonna!

    You have returned to yours holidays but you didn't follow my advice (Summer: it's time to pamper your hair) and now your hair is unruly and does not look good?  

Are your hair dry, dull, brittle and practically KO? Don't worry, with our remedies and the right products they will come back OK!

  THE'summer puts a strain on our own hair, for this reason it is important to take care of them when they come back from their summer holidays; to give new shine to your hair, you need right and expert hands, like those of Mimi Colonna (The story of Mimì). Coming back from vacation, I always suggest to give a touch of color to your hair that is definitely ruined and maybe opt for a new cut, after all surprising those around us never hurts (read here: Goodbye Shatush?!?).

THEto tint necessarily fades (due to oxidation, saltiness, UV rays and frequent washing) and assumes strange straw-colored shades, the doubles tips multiply and the cut loses all form.

Come and visit us in one of ours salons is Mimi Colonna along with his Staff will show you the cut and color best suited to you (choose the right cut based on your face), your hair will thank you and our pampering will make you feel more beautiful and fascinating.  

Are you reluctant to change your hairstyle? So today I will talk about hair-saving products characterized by a very high quality and a delicate fragrance.

  The first step is to proceed with a diagnosis with a micro-camera to ascertain the health of the hair. In any case it is always recommended to carry out a "molecular reconstruction of the hair”Periodic to hydrate the structure of the same and make it healthy and workable, in this regard we recommend the treatment Liquid Hair by Wella Professional (link) is suitable for all hair types, making them extraordinarily soft, smooth and compact. Glossy, full-bodied and conditioned. Another recommended wellness treatment for hair is "Luxe Oil” (link) capable of making hair shiny, full-bodied and fragrant through the use of three essential oils (Argan, almond is jojoba) a restructuring action that does miracles but above all does not dirty the hair. If you want to look good continue to follow me and do not forget a nice restructuring treatment of Hair Spa, I recommend "milkshake” (link) that I did directly in the living room from Mimi Colonna. This treatment should be repeated whenever you need to pull the plug on the world around you, because relaxation always starts from your head!



Having said this: Happy return from vacation to your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)


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