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Here we are with a new article from "What happened to them?"Where we will learn more about the history of the super models 90s par excellence and we will discover how they have changed and what they are doing now by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

Some have become mothers, some actresses, some singers but their beauty still reminds us of a time when these divas were real icons. One "status symbol"So engraved in the memory of all of us that it saw its end only in 1998 as indicated by an article in the English magazine Time.

Today almost all have officially retired from footbridges, but they are still present as super guests at the most mundane events or atFashion Week" both for "personal friendship"With stylists or by contract with"Fashion Maison".


Today the protagonist is the most beautiful and elegant Argentine model ever: Valeria Mazza.


Born in Rosario, Argentina, February 17, 1972, she inherited the Italian surname from her great-grandfather. Discovery to just 14 years, from thehairstlyst Roberto Giordano, began to work in the fashion world in a professional and continuous way just two years later, immediately enjoying a resounding success and becoming a face soon known throughout Argentina.

Valeria Mazza adolescente

The conquest of Europe and the United States for the future top model Argentina was therefore a simple formality. Beautiful, sunny, elegant and magnetic, it is presented to a stylist during a trip to Italy Gianni Versace, who falls in love with it and chooses it for its advertising campaigns.

Atelier Versace - Valeria Mazza

From there, all the bigger ones signatures they will compete to have her on the catwalk and as a testimonial on the magazines. In 1995 it was defined as an indecent figure that "Guess Jeans"He paid for"steal it from the competition” e legare la sua immagine al brand USA.

La sua popolarità raggiunse nel 1996 un livello così alto che non c’era weekly or fashion magazine that he didn't talk about her, his covers on Glamor, Cosmopolitan and the renowned Sports Illustrated they made history.

Valeria Mazza - Sport Illustrated

By now very famous, 1996 becomes for Valeria Mazza a magical year, in Italy it is famous to the general public to be chosen by Pippo Baudo as a valley of 46to edition of Sanremo Festival together with Sabrina Ferilli.

In May of the same year together with Antonio Banderas, shoot the TV commercial for tights "San Pellegrino“, Which boasts the direction of Giuseppe Tornatore and the music of Ennio Morricone. There are also numerous commercials shot for South America, such as the one alongside Ricky Martin for the claim of "Pepsi-Cola“.

In 1998, he launched his own perfume line, simply called "Valeria“, Initially distributed in North and South America, with an advertising campaign created by the photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Later, the "San Pellegrino"He wants her back next to Banderas for a new commercial dedicated to the Latin market.

Valeria Mazza - spot tv

Despite this amazing career, the gorgeous model he has not forgotten his original passion and the important values of life. His dreamin fact, it is to become a teacher for disabled children.

This social commitment it is not to be interpreted as one feel-good spot to win the sympathies of the general public but as a deep and sincere desire that sees it engaged as Unicef ambassador and considering that the beautiful Argentine has a school diploma that allows her a perfect knowledge of the world ofsupport education we are sure that he will face this challenge with the utmost will.

Today Valeria, splendid 44-year-old, she officially retired from the world of the catwalks limiting herself to lend her image of testimonial only for some selected brands. In doing so he can devote himself to the family full time. In fact, she is the entrepreneur's wife Alejandro Gravier and mother of 4 children.

To the question on how he manages to make the family coincide with a life of ex-supermodel responds with simplicity:just get organized>, a perfect motto and absolutely to be shared in my opinion.


Valeria Mazza recente

And what do you think? What is your favorite supermodel? Greetings to all from your Mary Littlebells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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