Choose the cut and hairstyle that best suits your face


How do I decide the most appropriate look in tune with my hair?


First you need to keep in mind the shape of your face, since it is not said that a type of cut or hairstyle can fit universally, in fact not all the looks we find in the newspapers, on the internet or at the hairdresser can be replicated on our person. Recognizing one's physiognomy is very simple and the table below helps us to identify the 7 types:

Forma del viso

1) Oval (the oval face is considered the ideal face and any hairstyle can be adapted to enhance its qualities);

2) Round (the goal is to add height to make the face look longer, we recommend a scaled cut that brings the volume up and decreases the volume on the sides);

3) Square (it is appropriate to choose a style that adds volume to the upper part but little to the sides, the presence of the fringe and a curvature towards the inside at the level of the jaw can sweeten the "edges" of the square);

4) Turbot (it is advisable to have a medium-scaled cut that softens the cheekbones by exerting more volume on the sides to round the face);

5) Overturned Heart / Triangle (this shape is suitable for combing with a fringe and cut equal to the height of the chin, or just below together with some waves to widen the hair);

6) Rectangle (with this form it is advisable to add curls to the sides of the hair to "give space" to the face);

7) Pyramid (a short and scaled cut with many curls and growing towards the top can positively balance the shape of this face).

These general rules must then be applied to the individual case, bearing in mind the right proportions to harmonize the face to the maximum and transform it into an oval shape, ie the most suitable one that allows us to achieve the desired look.


analisi viso


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