Tonalità moda capelli – Fate spazio ai colori dell’estate


As summer approaches, the desire to change look it is increasingly requested by the very young and it is the duty of every hairdresser to indulge in the "head shots”Of its customers, expressing its own maximum creativity through technical works that "let them talk“.

Of the pastel color trend we have already discussed this in the past (link) but like every year fashions diversify and reappear at great audience in an even more overbearing way. For this 2018 the fashion imposes colors and shades from film Disney. The most requested shades will be those metal ranging from light magenta with bright violet.

A good technical advice, and stylistic, is the fundamental basis for a color effect really flaky. We often hear that it is unlikely to pass from a jet black to a platinum blonde, but in the colorimetry everything is possible, just use the right products, respect lightening / coloring times and have a great knowledge of "Oswald star“.

The Mimì Colonna hairdresser it has always been a reference point in the panorama hair fashion at a national level and it is a moral duty for us, especially for the brand we represent, to always offer the best of ours experience is professionalism on the subject of change looks.

Today with the use of colors semi-permanent you can choose any nuance the important thing is possible color your hair with conscience without ruining or altering its structure. When create something you don't have to hurry, every shade it is an essential piece of ours puzzle.
Mimì Colonna is a partner of Z.One Concept as well as authorized salon and member of his Artistic Staff national, our professionalism is at your service and thanks to best techniques lightening (#decologic) is coloring (#milk_shake) it is possible to enhance each look making yours hair an extension of your personality.


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