Treccia & chignon non passano mai di moda


Choose a always different it attracts attention and is suitable for all those who like to surprise those around them. A similar consideration can be made for our clothing (link).

Very often choosing something practical is synonymous with fast and comfortable but not elegant. All this is wrong because sobriety is not given by the name of the but from the naturalness that distinguishes us, only in this way (that is, feeling the garment we wear) can our fashion vision be enhanced.

For the hairstyle is the exact same thing, the important thing is to choose a simple that allows us to always be in order, because the hair represents 70% of our image and I am able to tell everything about us. Even if you're not dive by you can always show a different look and in this case braids and chignon (fast and practical) are always the best choice, both in a way than by relying on your trusted hair-stylist (link) that will surely advise you for the event that awaits you.

Treccia & chignon never go out of fashion.


The braid is more elegant and original than the ponytail. The braid on the hair is coming back very fashionable in recent years: high, low, on one side. There's something for everyone. Symbol of femininity par excellence it is no longer just a way of styling hair, but has become a real accessory.

Able to decline in a thousand forms: disheveled, disciplined, narrow, wide, twisted. Wrong to think that the braids are only for those with long hair: short cuts can focus on .

Another variation is the chignon which has always been a symbol of class and elegance, a perfect hairstyle for a casual afternoon, which can become an extremely elegant evening dress with a long dress if necessary. In short, the chignon is really a hairstyle that every woman can wear with elegance and pride, from the youngest to the most mature because refinement knows no age.


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