Daily Chignon tutorial - Do it yourself hairstyle in 3 steps


To be presentable at any time of the day for the women it is indispensable, for this reason we continue our goal of offering you tutorial always interesting and suitable for every occasion (link) to have a hair look flawless.

Women are the value added of society, they play the perfect role multitasking during the day and have different responsibilities that cannot be avoided. I'm affectionate mothers, they are often taken home care (alone), I am tireless workers, people of success and naturally, women to be desired.


To be able to choose between different hairstyles every day is an experience that highlights the femininity. After all, show off a new look at every opportunity it is always better than classic ponytail made in a hurry.

THE'hairstyle for a woman it means elegance, self-care, happiness and good humor, for this it is necessary to dedicate the right time even when the expert hands of the hairdresser cannot rescue them.


Through practical advice "step by step"Everything is possible, a little will be enough patience, time to devote he tools of the trade as: hairbrush, hairspray, clips and the element that distinguishes us, the our creativity.

We will divide the tutorial into 3 steps. Everything will be explained in a simple way and, with the help of the image, we will show you the key passages advising you right products to use for a truly final effectsuper wow“.

Step 1

THE hair they must be cleaned (or however washed a maximum of 1 day before) without the use of aggressive shampoos that can bring flaking or redness to the skin. Select shampoo and conditioner quality (mask, conditioner or spray) because the well-being of your hair it is not in "balance".

The Mimì Colonna hairdresser recommend the line Milk_Shake of "Z.One Concept” (link), a light, sensitive and fragrant fragrance that will make you fall in love with the entire line. Go ahead with clean hair combing gently and without jolts, then create a central ponytail and fasten with a rubber band.

Step 1-3

Step 2.

Slide theelastic a few centimeters further down in such a way as to create a space to allow it to pass "ponytailThus creating a natural knot and tightening the elastic again. Fix everything with gods Ferrettini and a bit of lacquer, our advice is to use the "Lifestyling” (link) always of the line Milk_Shake as it will fix i hair, it will not dirty them and make them still workable and perfumed.

Step 4-6

Step 3

With the help of one smaller mirror check the back of the hairstyle and hide any locks remaining below the chignon just created. Remember that if you have i scaled hair the shorter locks must be positioned below the longer ones to be completely covered.

For make precious all or to hide hair that you are not interested in (as the hairstyle is stable) you can use accessories as clips or light points in theme "Swarosky“.



Now that you know this new technique, you are ready to try your hand at the tutorial?

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