Un matrimonio da favola a Villa De Grecis (Bari)


The day of the SI it is a moment to remember for a lifetime, every element must be perfect in every detail starting from the choice of a location suspended between dream and reality, up to thehairstyle of the bride, which must attract the eyes of all the guests and in particular of its spouse.

Mimì Colonna ha scelto di affiancarsi e collaborare, per il suo ultimo evento bridal, all’elegante cornice di “Villa De Grecis"A natural park in the heart of Bari, where every event can find the right connotation ... especially yours marriage.


All backstage photos of Mimì Colonna are made exclusively by Francesco Lorenzani Photografer (link).


THE'hairstyle for a bride it is an identifying element that reflects its personality, elegance is a fundamental characteristic because if it is true that the concept of "beautiful"Is a purely subjective evaluation, universally recognized canons are from take seriously to harmonize face, dress and look.


The make-up must be natural, preferring a "nude look” (link) because sobriety is the perfect setting for all our choices. From the mascara to the gloss passing through the pastel tones of the coutoring tutto deve essere scelto con cura da occhi e mani esperte.

Per questo le brides Mimi Colonna they all have a more natural look that shows off strengths of one's face masking possible the small imperfections that all ordinary mortals have (make-up link & bridal make-up).


Even the clothes they must have a refined and harmonious touch, for this Mimì Colonna only collaborates with Fashion Maison who have their distinctive mark in elegance, only selected partners have the pleasure, honor and responsibility to collaborate with our brand, and in this "Via Della Spiga Milan"Is a certainty.


Their clothes (link) they have a timeless charm, wrapping each body with white fabric and perfectly adorned for each look desired, this characteristic was perfected in the joint collaboration in the creation of the latest bridal collection Z.One Concept call "White Rose - Bridal Collection” (video link).



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