Valentina Vignali, the former basketball player now model & influencer!



Valentina Vignali is a former professional basketball player who left the playing fields to embark on the experience of TV journalist, model and social influencer (link). He also participated in the 16th edition of Big Brother, causing a small scandal due to his habit of forgetting the lingerie intimate.

in conclusion Valentina Vignali it is not new to the controversy, after all even when it was a guest and competitor of "Men women"The protagonists with her have always been"hot"And charges of gossip.

Her beauty is unquestionably appreciated, with a model body also the result of many years of professional training, and thanks to television notoriety Valentina has embarked on a new adventure, that of social influencer.

His profile Instagram (link) counts more than 2 million followers, respectable numbers that led her to be the testimonial of various advertising campaigns such as those for Tim, Puma, Pupa and Olaz.

Her love story with Stefano Laudoni, also a professional basketball player, has now reached the end of the line with one trail of controversy endless posts on social media that have filled the pages of the tabloid newspapers for months with mutual accusations of betrayals (certified by the paparazzi) and alleged infidelity (told by characters in search of visibility).

Anyway the career of Valentina Vignali proceeds at full speed and with "natural qualities"We believe that brands interested in having visibility thanks to their"post"There will still be a lot of time, especially if magazine like Playboy they will continue to have her as the protagonist on the cover.


And what do you think? You feel Valentina Vignali a sexy star to follow on social media?


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